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The Process

Since I started my business almost one year ago, the big question I get is "how does this work"? What do you do? Well, I felt like it was time I tried to answer this. People often wonder why it takes so many hours to put a room together or just find some new pieces of furniture or decor.

First of all, I am not going to Rooms To Go to buy you a room package. If that is what you want- you don't need me.

The process all starts with a phone call to find out more about your project and what services that I offer that would be best for you..... if any. It may be that my assistance is not what you need. I'll be honest with you on that as well.

I get more info from you from a questionnaire. You simply fill it out and send it back to me via email. I want to know what you like and don't like, your lifestyle.

We will find out if you are only needing me for an "on demand" service because you want to handle most of it yourself. More of a question and answer DIY package. I will meet you in your home to go over what you are planning to update. During the on demand service, we may be rearranging furniture, removing what is dated or going on a shopping trip. Looking at paint colors, flooring, the list goes on. Whatever you are struggling with. If I see that you need me for more than a few hours, I will be honest about that and we will go in to detail about a full design package.

If you are starting a bigger project, that you know you do not have time to deal with and it's just too overwhelming, then you need full service design.

I will work with you from start to finish. If it's a living room makeover, for example, we do color consultation and space planning. I measure the room and come up with the best layout for the space. After we agree on a furniture lay out, then I go to sourcing the furniture. I will give you a few different options so not to overwhelm you. I've really learned my lesson on overwhelming people with too many choices. Sourcing and finding the perfect pieces for you is time consuming!!!! I do not wiggle my nose and everything just comes together. I spend hours on my computer as well as out shopping for your project. There is definitely a lot more involved but you get the idea. When you hire me, you are not just paying for my time, you are hiring me for my ideas and skills. My goal is for you to have a space that doesn't just look great but functions great for your every day life. I look forward to working with you and going on the design journey together!

Please reach out with any other questions about the process.

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