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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

What is home staging and why is it important?

As I was searching on this week, I thought over and over- WOW, I can't see the house! Not only was photography dark and dingy on many listings but so many had so much "stuff" all over the house.

When people are searching for a new home, the first place they are looking is online. The pictures. That is the first impression. Good quality photography is key.

When you put your house on the market you have to think of it as not your home anymore. Maybe that sounds crazy but it's true. People need to be able to see it as their home. Can they visualize their furniture here? Can they see the true space of the home?

You can't sell it if you can't see it. -Barb Schwarz

Honestly many people are not good at visualizing. That's why it needs to have correct space planning, less clutter, less personal items, and neutralize the best you can. Painting is an inexpensive yet HUGE help in selling a home. You wouldn't believe the people that walk away from a house due to paint color.

I know the market is pretty good right now for sellers. That is why many don't think they need it. It's proven that a staged home sells faster and at higher value than one not staged.

It's all about potential buyers being able to visualize living there. The last couple occupied homes I staged, I rearranged furniture and took out a lot of decor. This is not meaning you have bad taste. It all goes back to what I said earlier- they need to visualize it as their home. When you have too much in a house, it feels smaller. Also, messy and busy spaces make you feel stressed. You don't want that to be the feeling people have walking in your home.

Good news- most staging can be done in a day. Check out my staging services and give me a call for more info!

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